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SBA Awards & Recognition Program

SBA’s Awards and Recognition Program has been developed to provide recognition, support and celebration of band.   Recognition Awards and Scholarships are designed to encourage and celebrate:

                  • Band musicians of all ages and abilities;
                  • Band directors;
                  • Individuals, communities and industry leaders that have actively supported and/or advocated for band;
                  • Key founders or developers of band in Saskatchewan.

In addition to supporting the SBA's Provincial Awards and Scholarships, the program also provides SBA members such as Band Directors, Community Bands and Band Parent Associations with official SBA recognition certificates to help profile local success and thank local band supporters.  

Provincial Recognition Awards

These awards celebrate the many contributions made to enhance and support band in Saskatchewan.

  • Nominations may be submitted at any time with an annual deadline of March 15.
  • Nominations are reviewed & award recipients are selected by the SBA Awards Team
  • Most Awards are presented in the spring in connection with existing SBA events, band concerts or band festivals.

The Awards are separated into 2 main categories: 

    1. Recognition for Musicians, Bands and Band Directors.
    2. Recognition for Supporters & Advocates of Band in the province.

To learn more about our Provincial Awards click:  

Provincial Recognition Awards


The SBA is pleased to award a variety of scholarships to band students and musicians.

  • Scholarship Applications are normally due by March 15 each year, unless otherwise noted for a specific award.
  • Scholarship criteria and amounts vary and are specific to each award.
  • Scholarship recipients are selected by the SBA Awards Team.  Memorial Scholarships may also include the involvement of family members in the selection of recipients.
  • Scholarship applicants must be currently active with a school, university or community band in some capacity to be eligible.
  • Most scholarships strive to recognize musicianship, leadership and commitment to band and will require at least 1 short letter of recommendation to accompany the application.

To learn more about Scholarships visit: 


Local/Regional Recognition Awards

These Awards are for the direct use of SBA Members including: Band Directors, Community Bands, & Band Booster/Parent Associations.

  • Awards can be used at any time as determined by the SBA member.
  • Members are asked to inform the SBA when awards are used to support overall tracking of recipients.

Local/Regional Awards are separated into 2 main categories:

  1. Band member recognition awards - acknowledging special contributions or development 
  2. Band Supporter/Advocate recognition - acknowledging special support provided at the community/local level

To access Local Awards, log in & click:

Member Resources

Past Award Recipients - Various Awards

SBA Lifetime Members:

2020 - Larry Pearen - Yorkton

2019 - Robert (Bob) Mossing - Regina

Distinguished Band Director Award Recipients:

2022 - Stacy Grunert

2021 - William Martin

2019 - Nick Fanner

2018 - Greg McLean (d)

2017 - Stacey Mortenson-Spokes

2016 - Julie Atter

2015 - Chris Jacklin

2014 – Brent Pittman

2013 – Dawn McLean Belyk

2012 – Carol Brock, Brian Unverricht

2011 – Dale Malden

2010 – Jane Pinch

2009 – Colin Grunert (d), Wayne Toews

2008 – John Schoen

2007 – Beverley Shore (d)

2006 – Robert Gibson, George Charpentier

2005 – Gene Aulinger

2004 – Dave Monette

2003 – Joyce Ray

2002 – Maureen Patterson (d)

2001 – Patrick Hoenmans

2000 – Marvin Eckroth

1999 – Peter England, Robert Mossing    

Bev Shore Memorial Scholarship Recipients:

2021 - Ella Sikora, Megan Betteridge, Dale Haas, Ainsley Arendt, Samuel Boyd

** Bev Shore Scholarship changed in 2021**

2020 - Stephanie Young, Joseph Roussel, Jessica Stroeder 

2017 - Justin Murray- U of S, Samantha Cooper - U of S

2016 - Dominic Ghiglione - U of R,  Jillian McLeod - U of S

2015 – Elizabeth Smith – U of S, Kristian Vogel – U of R

2014 – Zachary Senick – U of S, Dalton Lam – U or R

2013 – Paul Oh – U of S, Alaina Majewski – U of R

2012 – Benjamin Giesbrecht – U of S, Brady Frank – U or R

2011 – Berlin Janzen - U of S, Emma Kramer-Rodger - U of R

2010 – Katie McBean – U of S, Brendan Dickie – U of R

2009 – Samantha Stewart – U of S, Sydney Dunn – U of R

2008 – Wendy Stenger – U of S, Amanda Friesen – U or R

2007 – Stephanie Johnson – U of S, Emily Fornwald – U of R    

Greg McLean Memorial Scholarship

**Launched in 2021**

2021 -  Lindsay Holizki & Rhett Schroeder

David Gelinas Jazz Education Memorial Scholarship

**Launched in 2021**

2021 - Rochelle Wright

Outstanding Administrator/ Band Supporter Award Recipients:

2019 - Kristen Myers - PVSD, Mark Phaneuf - Prince Albert & Laurence Biegler - Regina

2017 - Dr. Darcy Sanders-Prince Albert

2015 – Aubrey Patterson

2014 – Bev Bjornson-Kowalchuk – Prairie Valley School Division

2014 – Kelvin Colliar – Light of Christ Catholic School Division

Other Provincial Award Recipients:

2018-19 Awards:

Band Builder:  Moose Jaw Band Festival

Band Builder: Brent Ghiglione, Regina

Band Development: Saskatoon Brass Band

Community Involvement: Lumsden Community Band

Outstanding Contribution: Yorkton Band Booster Assoc.

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