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SBA Provincial Recognition Awards

Provincial Award recipients are selected by the SBA's Awards & Recognition Team from the nominations received each year.  Awards are most often presented in the spring at SBA events, band concerts and band festivals.  Provincial Awards should be used to recognize those who have an impact on the development and success of band at the regional or provincial level.  Nominations can be made at any time. The Awards & Recognition Team will review nominations received, select recipients and identify a suitable time/opportunity for award presentation.

Nominations for ANY of the Provincial Recognition Awards:  Nomination Form - Provincial Recognition Awards

Musician, Band, & Band Director Awards

Outstanding Community Involvement: Recognizing a band’s unique and/or special contribution to their community.

Band Development/Improvement:  Recognizing a Band or Band Director's specific efforts at ongoing improvement.

Distinguished Band Director: Recognizing a band director who has made significant contribution to band in Saskatchewan.

Supporter & Advocate Awards

Award of Merit:  Recognizing an individual, organization or business for demonstrating ongoing and active support for band in the province

Outstanding Contribution: Recognizing an individual or business that has demonstrated long term or significantly active support for band at a regional or provincial level.
Band Builder Award: Recognizing an individual or community organization for active support toward the development and promotion of band in the community/province. 

Additional Special SBA Awards (not open for nominations)

SBA Lifetime Member Award: Recognizing individuals or organizations who have made a significant and lasting contribution to band in Saskatchewan. 

SBA Volunteer Service Recognition:  Recognizing significant contributions from an active volunteer to the SBA itself, its programs and/or its services over a minimum five-year period 

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