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SBA Funding Programs

The Saskatchewan Band Association’s (SBA) funding programs provide support to individuals, SBA members and Community Bands in service of our overall mission and Ends.  The SBA strives to ensure that Saskatchewan residents and communities are culturally enriched and fulfilled by engagement with band music.  Ultimately we hope all of our efforts, including the initiatives supported by our funding programs, help us progress towards our Ends/goals:

1.    Individuals and communities are enhanced by the connections provided by bands.
2.    Band encourages creativity and development of new music, reflecting the diversity of Saskatchewan communities
3.    Band is accessible to all.
4.    Bands in Saskatchewan are committed to ongoing improvement.

As a registered charity, SBA offers various scholarships to students furthering their band development and also provides financial assistance to help remove barriers for individuals and families to wishing to participate in band programs.  This support is available to SBA members and non- members throughout the province who wish to engage in and develop further in their exposure to band.  For information on SBA scholarships and awards  Click Here 

SBA’s Grant Funding programs are available to SBA members & member organizations to help support the availability and delivery of special projects, community band programs and band festivals.  Grant Funding is a key mechanism in helping SBA achieve its mission & objectives and is only accessible to SBA members.  All Grant Funding applications must be able to illustrate how they contribute to one or more of the SBA Ends noted above.

Initiatives and programs that benefit urban and rural Aboriginal peoples, individuals challenged by financial accessibility or other barriers to participation and newcomers to Canada are a priority for funding.

What Grant Funding Is Available to SBA Members?

Band Festival Funding

Financial support is available to SBA members organizing band festivals within Saskatchewan.  Band Festivals must be at least regional if not provincial in scope and be able to clearly demonstrate the SBA Ends the festival will help address.

Application Deadline: October 30, 2023

For More Information & to Apply for Band Festival Funding click:

Band Festival Funding

Community Band Funding 

Financial support is available to develop, encourage and support strong community bands throughout Saskatchewan and to assist community bands in their ability to provide those in their community with exposure to band. PLEASE NOTE: The Community Band Funding Applications are for the 2024 calendar year (Jan - Dec.) 

NEW Application DeadlineOctober 30, 2023.

For More Information and to Apply for 2024 Community Band Funding click:

Community Band Funding 

Special Project Funding

Special Project Funding is allocated to projects that are provincial, regional or community wide in scope.  Special Projects are time limited events or special initiatives that help specifically address one or more of the SBA established Ends.

Application Deadlines:  September 15,  December 15, 2023 and March 15, 2024 

For More info & to Apply click: 

Special Project Funding

Submission Guidelines for ALL Member Grant Funding Programs

  • Grant applications must be submitted using the SBA’s on-line application form suited to the grant funding application category.  Application forms are accessed by following the big black button link in each specific funding program box (above) .
  • Applications will be accepted up to midnight of the deadline date.
  • Mailed, faxed or emailed submissions will not be accepted.
  • All questions MUST be answered or your application will be considered incomplete and therefore ineligible for funding.
  • Submit only the material requested. Extra material will not be forwarded to the adjudication committee. Please do not submit brochures, CDs, videos, resource manuals, or other similar documents unless specifically requested to do so.
  • The budget submitted is realistic and supports the initiatives and key activities identified in the application.
  • Only current SBA members in good standing are eligible to apply for Grant Funding programs

Overall Application Review Process

Submissions will be reviewed to confirm basic eligibility requirements are met and the application is complete. Applicants may be contacted by SBA and requested to provide clarification or further detail in regards to the application.  Eligible applications will then be forwarded to the SBA Funding Team for review and adjudication.

While remaining in line with SBA’s approved overall budget, the Funding Team will base decisions on a competitive, merit-based process. SBA program funding is limited, and not every eligible application may receive funding. The amount approved for each application may be less than the amount requested or received in prior years, and is based on how closely the application meets funding criteria, the number of requests received, and consideration for providing support across the province. Funding provided in one year does not guarantee funding will be awarded in subsequent years.

In addition to any funding category specific requirements, applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • The application demonstrates how the funding received will be used to help further one or more of SBA’s Ends.
  • The application demonstrates support for SBA’s commitment to diversity; including First Nations, Metis, rural residents and newcomers to Canada
  • The application is complete. All questions have been answered in a manner that provides enough information for the adjudication committee to clearly understand the submission and make a decision.
  • The manner in which the funds will be used is compliant with any specific eligibility requirements for the relevant funding program.
  • The application demonstrates sufficient planning to ensure funds will be used as intended and budgets are reasonably accurate.

Please note: to be eligible for funding, grant applicants must have no outstanding reporting or repayment issues with the SBA.

Release of funding: Successful funding recipients will receive an approval letter which will outline any specific funding agreement details. For all Grant Funding programs except Special Project Funding, upon approval an initial payment of 75% of the approved amount of the funding will be dispersed.  The remaining 25% will be released once SBA has received all required reporting documentation.  Special Projects will receive 100% of the approved funds after the project is complete and a project report is submitted.

Other Funding Provided by SBA

Provincial Member Funding – financial support is available to provincial organizations, such as the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association, who deliver activities and services throughout Saskatchewan that directly benefit ensemble groups and their members.

Application Deadline:  As was indicated in the Special Message to Community and Pipebands email of October 23, 2020  

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