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Band 10, 20, 30 Curriculum Support Resources

The new secondary school level of band curriculum (Band 10/20/30) is now in effect.  Band Directors can access the full curriculum document on the Saskatchewan Eucation website here:  SK Band 10 20 30 Curriculum

In furtherance of our purpose to support and encourage the development of bands and band musicians, the SBA is pleased to provide access to resources specifically developed for the new outcomes & indicators.  The resources provided are a "work in progress" with more being added over time.  Some resources are available for all Band Directors, with additional resources available to SBA Professional Level members

SBA Professional Level members must log in to access the full list of resources available. Not a member?  Simply  Join us anytime!

Band Directors are welcome to use the resouces provided to aid their individual programs.  Please do not share the resources directly with others, simply direct other Band Directors to the SBA website to access resources most suited to their lessons & students.

Curriculum Resources are divided into the 3 curriculum categories.  Resources are titled to identify the Learning Outcome and any specific Indicator(s) being addressed.  For example:  A resource labeled CP 10.7 (d, e) provides support for Creative/Productive Learning Outcome 10.7 with specific support for Indicators d & e.

Resources have been developed for the Band 10 level but can be easily adapted to also serve Band 20 & 30.

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