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Advocacy is simply ensuring your voice is heard on issues that matter to you, your family and your community. 

As a band parent, band director, community band musician, concert attendee, or general music lover, your voice must be heard  by school administration and school division decision makers to ensure all children have access to vital band programming across our province. There is increasing concern in the band community that decisions to cancel or significantly alter band programs are underway due to lower enrollment/budget restrictions.  School divisions and administrators are already making budget, staffing and scheduling decisions for the 2022 - 23 school year - the time to ensure YOUR school's Band Program is fully resourced and scheduled is NOW!  

Below are various Advocacy Tools you are encouraged to use when demonstrating your local support for the benefits of band in our children's lives.  If there is something specific you are looking for or would like to suggest please contact us at with your request/suggestion.

Band Programming 2021-22 Challenges & Key Talking Points

Designed to help prepare advocates for meetings with school & school division decision makers.

  Key Messages.pdf

Benefits of Band Messages.docx

Sample Letters - for Schools/Divisions with Cancelled Band Programs

Can be customized to help you urge your school administrators and elected School Board Trustees to ensure Band programming is offered as fully as possible, as soon as possible.

Sample Letter - enrollment based band program cancellations.docx

Sample Letter - School Division Resolution request.docx

Sample Letters - for Schools/Divisions where  Band Programming is being impacted by cuts.

Can be customized to recognize your school/division's efforts to support Band during COVID-19 & to  ensure band programming is planned to resume FULLY for the 2022 -23 school year. 

Sample Letter - some band retained.docx

Sample Letter - School Division Resolution request.docx

Safe Back to Band Guidelines

Share this top-quality, current research with your band program decision makers  to ensure they understand how YOUR band program CAN function safely even during COVID-19. 

Video - Dr. Weaver, Performing Arts Aerosol Study safety highlights


Guidelines for Safe Back to Band - Formated.pdf


Guidelines for Safe Back to Band - plain text.docx


UPDATED Guidelines for Back to Band 2021-22 year.pdf

Dear Government of Saskatchewan Letters

Can be customized as you help ensure:

  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Education ensures sufficient funding to STOP School Divisions from cutting or reducing band programs.
  • the Ministry of Education understands the value of Band programming in our children's lives.

Locating & Connecting with Your Contacts

The following links will help you locate individuals and addresses for your letters and provide tips on how you can ensure your voice is heard.

Saskatchewan School Divisions

SK Ministry of Education

SK Ministry of Health

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