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Online Programming

Semi - Private Online Lessons

***  Summer 2021 - New Semi-Private Lesson sets Available for July & August  ***

Gain expert instruction on your instrument with 30 minutes twice per week online instruction.  Join our professional SBA Clinician Bureau members as you learn and train to become a better musician with targeted instruction for EACH student!

Summer 2021 - Lessons available in 2 sets - July and August lessons for Junior, Intermediate and Senior players.

Learn more about the programs & how to register here: Semi-Private Lessons

Online Composition Courses - Levels 1 and 2

* Registration Now OPEN*

Budding composers are invited to join Saskatchewan professional Composer Paul Suchan for a 6 lesson course ( 3 weeks, twice per week). 

Level 1 introduces band musicians to the basics of composition including:

      • Creating melodies over basic chord progressions
      • Using form to create structure and contrast in a composition
      • Apply knowledge of range, timbre, and percussive colours to create variety & interest in music

Level 2 expands on the concepts of Level 1, adds more colour to chords, lengthens pieces developed and makes greater use of free online music notation systems. 

Learn more about the programs or register here: 

 Composition Course - Level 1  & Composition Course - Level 2

Intro to Music Theory (Online Only)

* Original Program has ended ... we WILL be offering this program again in the fall of 2021. *

Join SBA Clinician Robin Tinani for this fantastic, energetic 6-week Intro to Music Theory course designed to give students the tools they need, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their music.

Learn about or sign-up using the link provided: Intro to Music Theory

Online Instrument Specific Training Videos

Our videos have been created by Saskatchewan Band Musicians FOR Saskatchewan Band Musicians!  SBA Clinician Bureau members are experts on their instruments and many play in the Regina or Saskatoon Symphony Orchestras. 

Each video is only 15 minutes long and the series has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level videos. Take a look at our wide selection of training videos to stay in shape on your instrument and continue developing your skills.

Learn more about or find a training video that suits you here: SBA Training Videos

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